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Affordable Housing

B’nai Brith Canada is a premiere provider of sustainable, affordable housing in Canada. We began our Affordable Housing Program in 1979 in an effort to provide and maintain affordable, secure and welcoming housing for low to moderate income and disabled residents, in a friendly and culturally familiar setting. B’nai Brith Canada’s Affordable Housing Residences, situated in prime locations to service our community, offer easy access to many amenities. Our residences provide close to 1000 seniors, community members and persons with disabilities an opportunity to live with independence and dignity while still residing in their communities close to family and friends.  B’nai Brith’s Affordable Housing Projects provide a much-needed safety net for those in need.


With buildings across the country, one of our primary concerns is to help ensure that members of the community have access to subsidized, affordable, and well-maintained housing. However, like all affordable housing initiatives, the demand far exceeds the supply of units, and there is a lengthy waiting list. To address this need, B'nai Brith is constantly evaluating new ways to provide additional, much needed, accommodations. We are always striving to expand our housing network to meet the needs of our community.


For more information on the Affordable Housing Program, call 416 633 6224, Ext 109


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